Juniper & Gin

Autumn is coming! I can hear it in the crunch of crispy leaves beneath my feet, smell it in the dark evergreen branches, feel it in the breeze on my skin. Each season brings a sense of renewal and refreshment, but none greater than with Fall. 

Hot chai & apple cider. Long walks through amber-colored woods. Roasted root vegetables & hot soup. Cascade hikes through dew-covered vegetation. Snuggling up under an old quit with popcorn for a long movie. Your hair whipping in the wind on the ferry back to Bainbridge. 

I can't count the number of reasons I love fall.... 


Juniper & Gin


1 oz. Dry Gin

1/2 oz. White Vermouth

2 dashes sweet lime juice


Combine all ingredients in shaker

and shake until mixed. Pour over a glass

full of cracked ice and garnish with a

juniper branch. Watch the listen to the

evening rain fall as you sit on your porch

and sip while the sun slides down.


Shannon DouglasComment