You might have heard that I put together a little magazine each season called, "Honest." A fun, playful and sometimes downright burdensome challenge I sign myself up for, in the end I'm always glad to have done it. Wrapping up and sending out a new issue makes me want to give everyone a big hug. That said, most of the time I am biting my nails and twiddling my thumbs, either "why did I give this to myself?," or the usual "I am brain-dead right now. Absolutely brain-dead." The thing I've found out about being brain-dead is even though I feel about as creative as a rock, if I keep moving, keep shooting, keep tweaking- something always comes out the other side. Is it my best work? Not always- but it is progress.

This issue is dedicated to Spain. The supple homeland of flamenco, tapas and Sangria. A romantic land that evokes images of street cafes, colorful dancers, grillers and mid-day siestas. 

Below, Octopus. Don't be afraid! I promise it's delicious, and really a lot less scary than it looks.


Paella. A sow-burning fire on a beach at sunset, coupled with a giant pan of bubbling seafood. Can you think of a better way to spend your evening than making paella with friends?

Chocolate & Churros.

Smoky Manchego, crisp asparagus and sweet pimentón marry in this dish. 

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