A Foraged Feast- Sneak Peak

In case you haven't noticed from the Magazine's instagram: here, or all the posts we've been sharing on facebook here, the theme for the new fall issue is.......FORAGED! 

Yes that means Chanterelles. Morels. Dandelion greens. Hazelnuts. Salmonberries. Asparagus. Sorrel. 

Heaping silver dessert plates stacked high with wild strawberries. Crisp and sweet blackberry mojitos. Melty buttery garlic and wild herb bread.  Pan-seared duck legs on a bed of crispy watercress. Raw honey swirled into homemade ice cream and studded with chamomile flowers. 

From boot-wearing, muck-trucking, prickly thorn picking and bushwhacking to meadow-grazing, and stream sifting, foraging blurs the line between forest and food. Reaching down into the heavy soil to grasp a hearty root vegetable, ripping the roots right out of the earth and watching the resin fall to reveal a succulent treasure gives a sense of pride and accomplishment at your own resourcefulness. Give it a good wash and a quick roast in the oven and you've got yourself a roasty fall dinner. Best of all, you can truly say you're living off the land. Taking what nature's got to give you and appreciating it whole-heartedly. That is what this issue is all about. 

We've got loads to share with you- including how to spot those tiny native blackberry vines and which acidic, peppery or sweet greens to pair in what dish. Stay tuned!