A few Oddfellows


A smile has been sitting on my face for hours while I've been editing these photographs. I am absolutely honored & delighted to have been able to shoot Oddfellows last week. If your not familiar- first of all you've got to make up for lost time & get over there pronto. My absolute favorite spot on Capitol Hill, Oddfellows is an enchanting collection of vintage style in a fresh & airy atmosphere that, most importantly, serves to die for coffee, cocktails, breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner (my fav!). It's a poppin' place just about any time of day. Stroll in during morning hours & order a biscuit & jam from the case, or pick one of 8 colorful sandwiches for lunch on the go. But for dinner, make sure you set aside plenty of time to try every rustic appetizer- & don't forget to ask for the special! I was genuinely floored by the sweetness & generosity of the entire Oddfellows team while I was there. From everyone I emailed with leading up to the shoot (Eleanor, Sarah, Linda, Marcus) to the coffee specialist Megan & our completely accommodating server who's name I never caught but who spent way more than a fair share of time on us &- if your reading this now & have the time to give me your name, I'd love to know!

 Thank you all so much!

I can not say enough how much you should pay a visit. 

& while I'm at it, make sure to visit Smith as well! Also located on Capitol Hill, Seattle's art & coffee neighborhood, Smith is a sister restaurant to Oddfellows & one of 6 of the brilliant "Linda's" (as she's affectionately known in these parts), themed restaurants. Next to Oddfellows, Smith is my number #2 when it comes to restaurants in Seattle. In contrast to Oddfellows high white walls & bright lighting, Smith is deliciously dark & moody, full of black booths & covered in aristocratic paintings & taxidermy. With "Rustic pub far, classic cocktails & an uncommon beer selection," Smith caters to the grown-up side of Capitol Hill in the 15th Ave Neighborhood (our old home!). With witty quotes scribbled on a chalkboard stand outside the door & walls that open up to the street, it's undeniably an ideal spot to whittle away hours on a friday night. 


Give 'em both a try & tell me what dishes you loved most (It'll be hard to pick- I guarantee!)