Recipe for a Burrata Salad

I'm here with my tail between my legs again apologizing about how the blog has gotten away from me these last couple months. Wedding planning, the magazine and just plain 'ol summer sunshine is to blame. I really can't complain though. We've had one of the longest and hottest summers I can remember (ever!). We've been spending every day in the garden, taking the dog to the river, grilling in the backyard and last Friday I even took the most magical yoga class... on a paddle board! I know I may be late to the game with this one but as an intense lover of yoga being able to practice on a lake full of sun-bleached stumps with the sound of a waterfall nearby and a bald eagle perched on a nearby tree watching us was- I don't know how else to say this- an experience. There was no one else out on the usually jam-packed lake and every time I looked down between my legs all I saw was pure and utter mountain bliss. I almost fell asleep laying there in shavasana with my arms and legs melting into the cool water....

So... suffice to say I guess we've been having a good time and that's why I haven't been around here for a while. But that's about to change. No we're not going to stop having a good time, (I sure hope not!), but I have finally locked into focus mode. After months of not being able to focus working at home with the constant (often self-inflicted) distractions of the dog, errands, cleaning, gardening and my awesome soon-to-be-husband just around the corner, I've discovered the bliss of the library. So keep checking back here because a load of new photographs and recipes are about to roll out. A Guest Post from Leah Tott of Living Beautifully on a Budget, a whole new Fall 2014 issue of Honest and lots, lots more to come.

Burrata Salad 

I think of Burrata as a pillowy cloud, soft and impressionable to the touch but push too hard and a creamy, milky cheese will softly spill out from inside. This is excellent if you are eating a salad of fresh heirloom tomatoes, sweet basil, thinly sliced prosciutto and crisp grilled asparagus. Oh. my. goodness. It reminds me of that moment in Eat.Pray.Love when Liz makes such an art of a lunch- she's almost sad to eat it and ruin the beauty of it. This is that kind of a lunch. 

Buy the freshest tomatoes you can find and, if you feel like shelling out, go for the cold-pressed olive oil. 


1 Tbl olive oil

12 small spears asparagus, ends trimmed 

3 Heirloom tomatoes, green, yellow and red

Handful fresh Basil

10 slices good quality Prosciutto

3 small whole Burratas

Salt and freshly cracked black pepper



1: Heat 1 Tbl olive oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Add the asparagus and grill 7-10 minutes. Season lightly with salt and freshly cracked black pepper. 

2: Slice the tomatoes in large wedges. Pluck the Basil leaves from their stems. 

3: Plate by arranging a third of the grilled asparagus with a third of the Prosciutto and a third of the sliced tomatoes. Place 1 of the small whole Burrata’s on each place and sprinkle with Basil leaves. Top with salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Serves 3.