What did I learn about it while researching, cooking & shooting this issue? A few tidbits here & there but really I just learned to stop trying to learn so much. It's simple! There are Roman Cookery Recipes dating back to the 4th or 5th century A.D. that state, "Fresh. Seasonal. Simple" Why have we forgotten this? Of course it's fun to challenge yourself by trying new things, difficult recipes & hunting for hard-to-find ingredients. I do it all the time! But lest we not forget to come back to our day to day staples, our building blocks for everyday life. Rich, colorful, nourishing food cooked with & for family & friends. Enjoy it Al Fresco! Make it easy- throw together an Antipasti and snatch a couple bottles of Chianti. Head out to the yard, patio, lake, woods- whatever you've got around & partake in "Dolce Far Niente" the sweet art of doing nothing. (Had to throw a little Eat.Pray.Love in there for good measure). 

Now off with you- get outside already and start partaking!

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Start the day off right like the Italians do with a with a fresh pressed cup of coffee. An Americano made using an Aeropress

Pop a succulent olive in your mouth for a salty snack. Green, stuffed, Spanish, Sicilian, there are too many options...

The art of making a meal for one lies in utter indulgence in catering to your particular palate. Mine is the fresh but savory combination of milky Burrata spilling onto juicy Heirloom tomatoes, thinly sliced Prosciutto and grilled asparagus. Just look at that Burrata... 

It's late enough in the day for a little Limoncello right? One sip & there's no turning back so make sure your parked for the afternoon before you pop the cap. 

Throw a wedge of cheese, some of those olives, marinated artichoke hearts and some sliced meats to go on that baguette & you've got yourself the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon..