Another month gone by. Salty roasted cherry tomatoes perfect for popping in one's mouth were had in the morning before trekking out into the fabulously fluffy snow that fell this month. Valentine's day came & went & I hope that however you spent it, it included (at least one!) cookie. Yesterday felt like the first real day of spring & today even more so. I'm enjoying having all the windows & doors wide open & I know Clyde is enjoying free reign of both domains without having to have me open the door to let him in & out. Planting the garden is almost within reach & I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to fill the lawn with raised beds & spend the evenings with the sun beating down on my back while I tend to the little seedlings. Grilling will most currently begin taking place on the deck just about every evening- I'm sure my feed will suddenly become overwhelmed with grill marks. Sounds good right?

Something I've been thinking about lately when it comes to Instagram. I realized a few things recently while looking over my friend Katie's feed. Her feed is full of photographs of people. Duh! How silly, I thought, that mine isn't! I've made it a point to change that. I can't say that I'll stop snapping pics of things that I'm eating, or sweeping landscapes or beautiful patterns, but Instagram is about documenting your life, creating this big, beautiful, messy diary of you & the things that make up you, why would you not have the ones that you love scattered all over the place? Sometimes I look back & I think "Why didn't I snap a pic of that to Instagram?" It's always the coolest & most interesting stuff that I'm doing which I miss. It's because I was having too much fun! I was there, in the moment, & there's nowhere else I'd rather be. So thanks Katie for reminding me of that. 

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