The Grand Finale~!

Ta-da! This fall is officially over! Got to do a little traveling and shooting on location at some amazing farms (coming soon!) And had the most wonderful time skiing with my boyfriend and some friends this weekend. It has been really great to get a little more time at home with Jake lately and I'm so happy to get an early start on shooting for the winter (Color challenges, Marketing campaign for Non-Profit, More conceptual stuff).   Below are catalog spreads- which means you are given a layout that will run in a magazine and are required to shoot your subjects to work within that format (be it square crop, horizontal, vertical..) and for the images to compliment and flow with each other (side by side, on opposing pages). All in all I felt like it was a really great winter and it was great to be up and at 'em again. Last year was a bit of a tough one but I have total faith and confidence in the rest of this year. So here it all is! All of the food below is made by yours truly. After all, how can you really complain when your lucky enough to do what you love every day? =)



Double Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting


Cosmopolitan Martinis


Fresh Picked Shitake Mushrooms


 Pumpkin Goat Cheese Roasted Pecan Raviolis


 Quail's Eggs