Honest Spring Sneak Peak

Well hello there! I'm awfully excited to be sharing this little sneak peak of my next HONEST with you because I'm awfully excited about the issue. I decided I needed to give myself a little kick in the butt & spruce up the magazine with some pep & bright light! I'm pretty happy I went through with it. It's too easy to get caught leaning on your crutch all the time, sometimes you've just got to let go & learn something new... 

Spring: A New Leaf is all about the breath of fresh air Spring brings. Light, sweet, crunchy recipes featuring seasonal treasures float through the pages. For the first time, the recipes were developed by yours truly. Now that isn't to say that I truly invented them- surely someone else thought to put salt & herbs together at least once before ;) I just made & measured, tried & tasted, fiddled & tinkered until I got a result I was happy with. Of course in my opinion a recipe is always open to interpretation- a building block for you to mix & match to your own liking. 

A new surprise in this issue was an incredibly fun adventure I'd been waiting to take on for a while. Since I began doing "How To:"'s on the blog & for the issues, I realized how much I love it & how fun it can be to brainstorm ideas & to shoot. This issue's how to is on "How To: Spend A Day In Seattle." Something I was eager to get started on & the hardest part by far was narrowing down my extensive list of amazing restaurants & shops I'd love to feature. To my surprise & delight each of the stores I asked said yes & I was able to feature Oddfellows Cafe & Bar, Elliot Bay Book Company, Lucca Great Finds & Trove Vintage Boutique in both the Capitol Hill & Ballard neighborhoods of Seattle. These restaurants & stores are truly my favorites & If I was going to give a personal recommendation, it would be absolutely the same. 

Hope this little chat has got you excited to try some new recipes, spend a well-deserved day out & embrace the fresh air coming our way!

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