Local Roots Farm

Wednesday I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go on out to Carnation, Washington and photograph some truly beautiful farms for the Campaign I'm working on with the Seattle Farmer's Market Alliance. I feel so lucky to not only get to work with such a poster child non-profit as the Farmer's Market, but also to be out doing what I love most- photographing beautiful places and the hardworking people who make something from them. I really do love photography and I can't say I could pick another thing to do with myself. 

This radicchio is from the wonderful family that is Local Roots Farm. They were so kind as to give me a whole bag full of their beautiful vegetables fresh out of the ground before I left (best carrots I've ever had.seriously). Thank you so much Siri, Jason & Felix! More shots of Local Root's farm and other farms coming soon!

*Local Roots sells at Seattle's Broadway Farmer's Market on Capitol Hill throughout the year.