Last Year: A Summary In Photographs

It's been a while (to say the least) since I made a post on this blog. A lot of big changes have gone through this last year for me. I've felt like I've been pushing a heavy wheel barrow uphill forever and now I've finally gotten to the top and I can jump in and ride it on down! I've spent the last two years learning technique, shooting shooting shooting and creating my own business and brand- now I'm ready to take off! Since completing my portfolio last month (lie- a portfolio is never complete) I've taken a resting phase. This involves doing little other than lavish eating and sleeping with my remaining time spent laying in the sun, partaking in outdoor activities and spending time in good company. To close this last chapter of my life before I begin writing this new one I'd like to share a year in photos- thanks for coming along for the ride! I look forward to sharing new travels and delights with you and hearing your thoughts! The blog is about to get a lot more busy so check back often ;)



This Collage includes:

photos that didn't make it onto my site, some snaps from a handful of the farms I photographed this year (see below for links to their delicious websites!), vineyards, bakeries, coffe shops, dinner parties, s'mores making, vacation taking, adventures with my mentor Photographer Clare Barboza, classes at her studio and on Whibey Island, a self-portrait, a harvest fair, and out a train window flying through Montana. 


 Thank you to my lovely family & friends for spending this time together!

Thank you to my lovely family & friends for spending this time together!

Willow Wood on Whibey Island, WA

Dog Mountain Farm, Carnation, WA 

Local Roots Farm, Duvall Washington 

Perennial Vinters, Bainbridge Island, WA 

Little Brown Farm, Whidbey Island, WA 

Columbia City Bakery, Seattle, WA 

Better Living Through Coffee, Port Townsend, WA