Time is on my side, yes it is

Welcome 2014. A year of new journeys, trials, successes & failures. What's my new year's resolution every year? It's always the same. I only have one. To be more present in the moment. Nothings ever enjoyed if your always looking one step ahead so I try to remember where I am now & appreciate what's around me. 

Looking back at this year I remember some of my favorite things about 2013. Getting a dog. Getting engaged. Moving to the mountains. Graduating with a degree in commercial photography. Running a marathon. Summiting Mt. Saint Helens on skis. Furthering my yoga abilities. Cooking new things. Learning from the best (Clare, Charity, Julie & Olivia!). Skiing Mt. Rainier. Assisting on some really cool projects. Roack clibing in Leavenworth & Exit 38. Getting hired at Amazon. Working for Seattle Magazine. Starting my new e-zine & publishing 3 issues. I feel so lucky to have all these pleasures & opportunities in my life.  

Looking forward to 2014 I'm excited about new work with some of my favorite magazines & companies. Learning & mastering the basics of Italian cooking through The Duke's Table (Thanks Katie!). Backcountry skiing with my new husband & dog. More issues of HONEST. Trying new foods, traveling to new places & seeing what the world has to offer this year. 

Here's to a grand one-


2013: An Instagram Collage

Best of 2013instgramblogpost12_31_2013.jpg