Below are examples of some of the projects I've worked on. You can also check out a list of my clients here and get updates on blog posts about new projects here. 


The Juicy Cafe

I was contacted by Seattle design agency Graphiti Associates to work on a re-brand project for  The Juicy Cafe.  Shooting the cafe's vibrant, healthful menu items in a bright and inviting environment, I provided the client with a series of images in line with their re-brand that launched their new site. 

Noosa Yoghurt Campaign 

I was hired by Oui Productions and Vox Media to photograph the Seattle portion of a national campaign for Noosa Yoghurt, showcasing the city's top chef using the yoghurt in her menu at her new restaurant Trove

Trove Noosa Yoghurt Eater

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 1.02.53 PM.png
Big Book of Organic Baby Food

The Big Book of Organic Baby Food

I sourced props, food styled and photographed this project, working with challenging purees and repetitive recipes to create a fresh, baby and family-friendly aesthetic. The book, published by Sonoma Press, became a number one best seller on

Enterprise Rental Travel Guide

I was hired by the award-winning digital marketing agency 360i as the Seattle "tastemaker" to create a local's travel guide to the best restaurants, neighborhoods and recreational activities. Once approved by the design agency and client, I photographed images to accompany the travel guide for Enterprise Rent-A-Car to supply to their clients. 

Cherry Bombe magazine by photographer Shannon Douglas
Modernist Cuisine for Cherry Bombe

Cherry Bombe Magazine

I was hired by indie magazine Cherry Bombe to photograph an event and feature story for their hit publication. The event was a 35 course dinner honoring the nation's women in food held by Modernist Cuisine. Attendee's included Nancy Silverton, Dominique Crenn, Joanne Chang, Anita Lo, Illiana Regan, Ashley Christensen, Christina Tosi, Naomi Pomeroy, Amanda Cohen and Ruth Riechl.

Hama Hama Oysters

I was hired by Hama Hama Oysters, a commercial oyster company with a farm on the Olympic Peninsula that supplies oysters to many high-end restaurants and consumers. Hama Hama contacted me after seeing my work for images of their farm, menu items, holiday items and products for sale. We worked together on location in challenging conditions to capture the hearty, pacific northwest feel of the farm. Sliding around on the barge was a highlight of the job. Hama Hama used the images in web promotions and as PR images for magazine articles and stories written about their farm. 


Handcrafted Bitters Book by Shannon Douglas Photographer

Handcrafted Bitters

For this cookbook on how to make homemade bitters, I sourced props, surfaces and ingredients, then styled the sets and cocktails, working with time-sensitive ingredients to showcase the book's recipes in line with the publisher's (Rockridge Press) aesthetic and demographic. 

Drift Yoga & Run 

I was contacted by Vivian, a former fashion buyer and an avid runner and yogi, about creating images for her new lifestyle business. Vivian was looking for images with a certain aesthetic that aligned the three services of her business (run, yoga, fashion consulting), and created a cohesive brand. I worked with Vivian, asking a number of questions and providing examples to dial in the look Vivian craved. Since Vivian didn't have experience modeling, I worked with her to direct and teach her how to pose for the camera. The images launched her new site and business.

Seattle Lifestyle Images by Shannon Douglas Photo
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Town and Country Markets Shannon Douglas Seattle Food Photographer
Town and Country Markets Shannon Douglas Photo

Town & Country Markets

Town & Country Markets is a chain of six grocery stores in the greater Seattle and Puget Sound areas of Washington State. A Family run business with a commitment to supporting local farms and makers, we shot a series of advertisements together for a number of years that were shown in a variety of formats (web, print, poster, mailer), including print ads in Edible Seattle Magazine and holiday brochures showcasing holiday products and recipes. 

The 21 Day Healthy Smoothie Plan

I was hired by Sonoma Press to style and photograph The 21 Day Healthy Smoothie cookbook. I sourced a variety of props and worked on creating variety in the images while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic to add interest and flow to the repetition of smoothies. I made and styled the smoothies, props and ingredients using food styling techniques to show the food in the best light and to keep things looking fresh on set. 


Salads That Inspire Shannon Douglas Food Photogpher
Salads That Inspire Back Cover by Food Photographer Shannon Douglas

Salads That Inspire

For this cookbook of salads, I was hired by Rockridge Press to source props, gather ingredients, make, food style, prop style and photograph images of salads for the covers and interior images. I worked with text composing each image around the text, making the two work together visually while still being a visual example of the salad recipe and keeping the text easy to read. 

Farewell Papiere

I was hired by Farewell Papiere to photograph scenes of their popular letter pressed products in celebratory settings reflective of their sassy phrases. I worked with the client as well as a prop stylist to create settings that easily communicated the messages and put consumers in a party-mood.

Farewell Papiere

© Shannon Douglas Photo Butterknife Nutrition

Butterknife Nutrition

I was contacted by Manhattan-based nutritionist Jen about images for a nutrition business she was about to launch. I worked with Jen to narrow down the tone she was looking for in her brand's visual preference and what would work for her medium (website) and marry with her web layout. Jen licensed various images I had in my image library to reflect the different aspects of her business (garden, food, lifestyle). 

Alaska Gold Seafood

For this project I was hired by Seafood Co-op Alaska Gold to photograph studio images of their salmon products for advertising and web use. I worked with the client to nail down a concept and the best way to showcase their products for their audience. I sent sketches for approval, sourced according props, styled and photographed the seafood products working with a time frame to keep the raw fish looking fresh.

Alaska Gold Seafood Seattle Food

Honest Magazine by Shannon Douglas

Honest Magazine

Honest Magazine is a quarterly publication I design, develop recipes for, write, photograph and publish. Recognized at the Warsaw Culinary Book Fair alongside publications such as Cherry Bombe, Tapas, Kinfolk and Chick Pea, readership spans four continents with frequent requests from restaurants, makers of artisan products and hotels for features. Besides copy editing, I am solely responsible for generating the yearly themes, concepts of each issue, writing the articles and recipes, designing layouts and spreads in a publishing software, cooking and styling the food and props and sending out for printing proofs within each quarterly issue's timeline.